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About Dyer Realty, Inc.

Larry Dyer

Broker -- Larry Dyer's connection to the land and beautiful places began in his childhood. He comes from a long line of ranchers and farmers and was raised on a number of ranches and farms in Nebraska and Arizona. Larry has a deeply ingrained love of the land and the ranchers and farmers who work it.

Contact Larry at 801-376-8368 or

Leon Paskett

Realtor -- Leon Paskett was raised in a Southern Idaho farming and ranching community. He spent his youth working as a farmhand on local farms and in feedlots. He loves the country life and his roots. There is nothing he enjoys better than sitting behind the wheel of a big John Deere tractor.

Much of Leon’s professional experience has been with large corporations working with internal and external customers. He understands the importance of listening to the customer and also the importance of being candid when needed.

Contact Leon at 801-499-9406 or

Lynn Abbot

Realtor -- Lynn Abbott grew up in a farming ranching environment on his family ranch in northwestern Arizona near the Utah/Nevada state lines. Cattle ranching, alfalfa and grain raising, and truck farming were a way of life in those growing up years and, "I learned to appreciate the law of the harvest and the value of being close to the soil and, in my heart, I have never strayed far from it", even though his educational pursuits took him a different direction for several years. Lynn has returned to his roots as a real estate agent and has been helping his rural clients and customers both buy and sell agricultural related properties for about 16 years.

Reach Lynn at 801-369-9121 or

Dyer Realty serves the rural real estate market in Utah, Idaho and the Western United States.

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